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OMGEEE THIS POSTER DIS IS THE MOVIE I WANNA C THIS POSTER GOT ME ALL IN 2 DIS MOVIE I CAN 'T WAIT 4 OCTOBER OCT WILL BE THE MONTH 2 WATCH OUT 4 GREAT MOVIES AND GREAT SHOWS Lee Joon's big-screen debut as the main character has been confirmed for an October release! The movie "An Actor is an Actor" tells the story of an actor as he suddenly shoots into fame, and then drops down out of the spotlight just as quickly. The movie actually finished filming earlier this year, but details were finally revealed to the public on September 5. Since Lee Joon has been praised for his great acting on dramas, and he's had experience in movies before, many viewers are looking forward to the movie. In the poster that's released, Lee Joon is drenched in sweat and blood, and he's staring blankly into nowhere as he's hit in the stomach. SEE ALSO: MBLAQ get love calls from all over the world for a global tour Lee Joon said, "The scenario was really interesting. The passion that the character had for acting was a lot like my own. I thought I could do well, so I decided to be in the movie." Read more: Follow us: @allkpop on Twitter | allkpop on Facebook