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The Heirs (in production)..PLS READ DOWN BELOW.. Super excited (okay kind of hyperventilating) that The Heirs is filming in Malibu. Super sad that there is an anorexically slim chance of getting any background work on this project since I’m Asian. And they probably want to show that the main characters have non-Asian friends in the U.S But goddammit, I am holding onto that slim chance right now. Here’s the casting notice I got: THE HEIRS Miniseries Prod. Comp.: Korea Film Co. SAG-AFTRA This is a Korean Miniseries, only parts of it will be filmed in the US. There is no travel to Korea. [ JAKE ] Male, Caucasian-40-50, Womanizer, Boyfriend of main female character. SEEKING A RECOGNIZABLE NAME. Cameo role [ GARY ] Male, Caucasian-18-20 (Plays 17-18yrs old)High School student. Good Looking, tan, druggie surfer dude. SEEKING A RECOGNIZABLE NAME [ JESSE ] Female, Caucasian-18-20 (Plays 17-18yrs old) Typical California Beauty, Beach Loving (Tropicana) girl. [ PROFESSOR CONNERY ] Male, Caucasian 40-60, Typical high school teacher. [ MICHAEL CLARK ] Male, 35-45 African American, Police officer, Tough, by the book, Withered. [ CHRIS GIRLFRIEND ] Female 20-30 Caucasian, Blond,board wilh life (Featured role with lines) [ SAM ] Male 18-20 Hispanic, Hip hop Kid (Featured role with lines) [ JACK ] : Male 40 Caucasian, Hotel Manager, Lean, distinguished, yuppie like type [ CHO ] Male/Female 30-40,Japanese, High class party goer. (Feature role with Lines)[ ZACK ] Male 20 Caucasian, Tammy boyfriend, Muscular (Feature role with lines) [ DIRK ] Male 20 African American, Good Looking, (Featured role with lines) [ CUSTOMERS IN BAR ] Male 30-40 Any ethnicity, Featured roles with lines. Submitted for the role of Cho. Brushing up on my Japanese as soon as I hit “publish”. Cr korean daydreamer #Xtine💞 Tag PhotoAdd LocationEdit Like · · Share · Edit
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