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Once again, Miley shocks us, >.< with her naked body swinging around on a metal wrecking ball and making out with a hammer. I'm sorry but this is borderline porn for me lol
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people a naked body is a sculpture and buitiful , our human bodys are born naked so I say does new born babys look dirty do they skin is skin no matter how u show it , !
I like the song, though last time I watched Miley Cyrus, she was a girl next door and look at her now...(O_O) boy haircut, wearing next to nothing and making out with a hammer......
what wrong with her I used to like her work but now omg
I love this song..But why she keep sticking her tongue on the Hammer???
why would you be licking an hammer do you know how many germs that is but if she wants to get an disease that is her.#sickening