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안녕하세요 (hello) and welcome (back),
Jimin was in fourth place with the poll. Here are the regular fanfiction parts if you missed any:
Suga Part 3 (Winner of Poll)
Jin Part 4 (2nd in poll)
Namjoon Part 3 (3rd in poll)
J-Hope Part 3 (4th Place in poll)
Here is the Smut Version :
(Y/n)'s POV:
“Oh, stews ready,” he jumped up and ran into the kitchen when he heard a beeping noise. I smiled, remembering how he use to help his Mom in the kitchen when we were younger. We both ate the stew, which wasn’t half bad. We joked around like we use to when we were little. “(Y/n), I have to tell you something…” I was confused by his sudden change of attitude. “Okay, what’s up?” He leans in quickly and placed a peck on my lips. “Woah!” I screamed pushing him away with my hand on his chest. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” He looked embarrassed. “Mark, it’s just…” I didn’t want to lose my friend because he had feelings for me. “Mark, where are you going? Let’s just talk about it,” I tried to stop him. He opened the front door and was about leave. I grabbed his arm and he stopped.
Jimin’s POV:
I decided that to surprised her. I got her favorite sweets and headed to her dorm. It really took everything in me to do all my work and not leave in the middle of it to go see (Y/n). I finally got to her dorm and went upstairs. I was down the hall. I stopped in my tracks. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She’s …
Mark from GOT7 was embracing her, kissing her… I quickly hid in one of the doorways down the hall. “I can’t believe you just kissed me…” “I’ve loved you for so long now and you just seemed to not care,” I heard Marks somber voice. “Mark, I’m with someone and even if I wasn’t… I would only see you as a friend…” Even though he was just kiss my girlfriend I still felt sorry for Mark, but it made me happy that she turned him down. “I shouldn’t have kissed you… I’m sorry. It won’t happen again…” I heard him leave and walk past me. I waited for the door to close and a few minutes later, after pulling myself together, I walked up to the door and knocked. I smiled, finally seeing her face. We talked for a few hours before I headed back to work.
J-Hope POV:
I watched as Jimin came back. He obviously had a change in attitude when he walked back in to work. He wasn’t his usual self, so I walked over to him. “What’s up?” “I couldn’t tell her I loved her or that we have permission to become public yet…” “Why? I mean you sounded so excited to do it, why change your mind now?”
(Y/n) POV:
*two days later*
I practiced my heart out after being sick for a day and recovering another, I’ve felt that I have missed a lot. In the middle of practice, Angel pulled me out the door. “What the hell is this?!” she showed me a picture of Mark and I … kissing! “What the hell!” the angle of the photo had to be from the neighbors next door in the dorm. “I…I…” “Are you cheating on Jimin?” Angel asked, but I assumed by her face she already made up her mind about it because of the nasty look she was giving me. “No! Mark came over and he confessed to me. I tried to stop him when he w trying to leave and he kissed me…” I paused. “I would never do that to Jimin… I love him…” I replied. “Well, you need to go talk to him… before he gets the wrong idea. I’ll try to see if I can clean this up… before it’s too late…”
After she left, I texted Jimin and asked him where he was… he told me that he was in their practice room… I ran down a flight of stairs, but I got there to late… He was already talking to Kat...
Jimin’s POV:
“You shouldn’t he in here alone with me… people will get the wrong idea,” Jimin said to Kat as he was taking a break. “Oh, so like you’re girlfriend… or was that the truth?” “What are you talking about?” suddenly (Y/n) asked me where I was via text. I answered her and looked up… Kat was in my face when I looked up. “You mean you haven’t seen the pictures all over the Internet?” she asked. She hands me her phone which had a picture of Mark kissing (Y/n). I wasn’t surprised. “Oh, so you know about it… so you don’t care?” “No, I care…” “It doesn’t seem like it,” she replied. She started to lean in and I pushed her away. “Don’t do anything I’ll make you regret later…” I said to her in an agitated voice.
As I had pushed her away, I saw someone with a camera on the other side of the door…
(Y/n)’s POV:
I saw Jimin running after someone, the guy had a camera. When he stopped he grabbed me. “hey!” the guys stopped to see what Jimin was screaming about. “You really want to have something to have a picture of and a statement. The guy stopped and listen curiously. Jimin pulled me towards him and kissed me. I stood there in shock for a good minute before I kissed him back. I could here a camera go off. I pulled away and was about to get on the guy and ask him to not post it when Jimin spoke first. “She is my Girlfriend and you can post that on any site you want. “but we don’t have permission to date from the company…” I protested in his ear. “I asked a while back, and they said that we could…” “How long have you two been dating?” “It will be a year in about two weeks…” I couldn’t believe he kept that from me. I stood there in confusion. “I love her… and she loves me…” I was so happy I wanted to cry. Kat had heard that as she exited the practice room and she looked pissed. The guy asked us a few questions and before Kat had left us, she came up beside me and whispered “You’ll regret this… I’ll make sure that you will,” and left like a snake slithering away in the dark…
Thanks for reading,
Luna Fergus
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