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Has anyone else have this problem?

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PC players are like vegans they want everyone to know they are a PC (or vegan) player and want you to know it so they can feel better but their all just missing out on what consoles (real food) have to offer. @Ritu
so you dont like console because of the controller but you use the controller to be better at certain games on pc?
it's true. there have been multiple studies about how pc players are superior in general. I own battlefront for the pc and have about 30 hours on that, but I have played the ps4 version with friends for about 20. it felt like easy mode. completely unfair in my favor. that being said I play on ps4, wii u and have a 360 controller for the pc when games work better with a controller then keyboard and mouse. this pic is so true. wii u set up is the most annoying.
@AnimeFreak484 I have both P's4 and Xbox 1 but it's only for the exclusives overall I rather play on pc, the only good thing abou console is that players aren't as good because of the controller
@AnimeFreak484 and I don't like consoles not because of the controller , but because of costumazation , like games on there look like they we're made in 2002 and you can barely mess with the settings , it's just like sound and aim assist or not. also it kind of forces you to use the consoles servers to talk to each other but on pc you have ts3 discord etc. there's more but I gtg eat
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