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Lee Visual, notch top 0.1 percent.   First broadcast scheduled for Oct. 9 new SBS drama 'crown who want to write, to withstand the weight of La-heirs "(a play gimeunsuk / director river sinhyo / Production Tues aendam Pictures) Park Shin Hye Lee kim woo bin the crystal kang min hyeok kim ji won choejinhyeok imjueun bakhyeongsik including the Republic of Korea's strongest lineup of the best mainstream actors shaping the work that is attracting tremendous attention.  Heirs of the business community to play Lee gajyeotji everything, but that should not have to hurt the Empire Group heirs born with Park Shin Hye take kim tan kimwoobin station, along with a high-purity crystal kangminhyeok the Republic of Korea 0.1% Love Line 'lead goes. Lee's first shot last month, 22 days held in Paju was one of the outdoor filming. Top 0.1% Republic of Korea heir when there standing in front of the car like a luxurious appearance, exposed the driving force.   Lee Min Ho on the set Upon entering the path to the script to focus and to check gamjeongseon ready to shoot as tight as were the staff of the heated response.   The first site to meet staff and personnel having bright bright smile that looked as consistently taken prior to a full-fledged Lee "heirs, Fighting!" Cried the core was ready for the first shot chosa ambiance of the scene was heightened.   Lee Min Ho the superior visuals and acting, especially dense, delicate expressiveness thoroughly studying the meantime, a perfect representation of the character came from that. Gimtan the smoke spread to the station that Bing Lee has made the appearance of the site killing breath.   Is it the moment when the shooting stopped for a moment to let go of the hand over the script and the character without strong opinions about sinhyo share PD such as 'heirs' passion for the Unstoppable exposed. Lee's appearance and crew full of motivation increases the stickiness of shooting to breathe the atmosphere of the back door was alight is quite warm.   Publisher Tues aendam Pictures said that "the ultimate visual and differentiated Lee acting, natural charisma, the Republic of Korea showed a trend actors down chojeoljeong force. Character and one body appears to have been steadily falling right to expect good acting more as a raised "and" smooth sailing with extraordinary passion and fighting spirit started the high-quality youth romantic comedy drama 'heirs' Taps ask a lot of attention to, "he said. The 'heirs' of the high school students to draw love and friendship to exciting romantic comedy, Republic of Korea 0.1%, clean the top 1% of the ordinary and extremely realistic poverty heirs heirs grab hold around the heroine of romance captures jwachungwoodol sweet and exciting. >> Http://
Super excited much! Finally i can watch it dis oct.Goodluck & take care Min Ho
Can't waitttt until I watch it
My calendar has been marked! ^^