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Title: Sleepless night Artist: Moon Myeong Jin I wonder if Oppa is okay coz he recommended such a sad sad song.. :(
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i listen this song few time, it make me tear and hurt so much, but i wish him and that girl meet happiness forever ! wish the both him succes in love ! :(
its normal to felt this feeling... especially when you were in LOVE..
Noted that Minho loves to hear sentimental mellowly songs; guess its his interest and his way of blowing the blues away or feeling down. At least it's a healthy way, rather than some who might indulged in unfavorable activities. Still, cheer up dear. Wouldn't life be so boring without a few gloom here & there?
aja es mi música........ yo no quería alejarme pero tanpoco me diste motivos para que me querada
What a beautiful song! Sounds like our boy is or was in love and he regrets losing must be awful hard trying to have private life when your so famous...I wish him happiness and love.