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After A Day Like Today, K-POP and Food Always Come To The Rescue

To my fellow American K-POP fans, to others across globe, please pray for America.... Because this joke of an election is coming to an end..... and I am nervous and a little bit scared..... Today, when I got up to go vote, I was rear ended on my way to where I need to go to do so..... and on top of that, I had to make a very important, and very difficult decision on who to vote for, for POTUS.... I am so stressed out even though I know tomorrow is just gonna be another day... But as always, when I'm stressed out or having a bad day, or both, I always rely on the wonderfulness of K-POP and delicious food, and chocolate, to help calm my nerves. So I cannot stress this enough..... PRAY FOR THE USA. We need it.... I'm already embarrassed enough as it is as a fellow citizen of my country.
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I am honestly floored by my own country. I cannnot fathom how anyone would think voting for that man would be a good idea.
If Trump wins I hope he gets impeached right after he is a rude illiterate man who has no manners
How the hell did you adults get us in this situation? from furious 15 year old
Only bright side of this whole thing this is that we still have K-Pop. Only thing I can rely on.
I honestly foresaw this but I was hoping it wouldn't happen. I fear he's going to piss a lot of outside nations off and there will be war. He has no back ground in politics and they voted him in I'm just baffled
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