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The Safeguard for Traveling

While the passengers are being checked by the detector, the baggage carried by them must be checked by X-ray luggage scanner with detection routine inspection systems. Portable metal detector belt sends all the checked baggage into an X-ray luggage scanner. Although x-ray is a light, not only does it have high energy, but also can penetrate lots of material. The X-ray Cargo inspection for using in the airport is the single-channel source with x-ray, capable of firing 140-160KVP x-rays.
baggage x ray penetrate the target after it is confirmed by the first detector, then penetrate the filter behind it to filter out low-energy ray, finally remaining high energy ray will be testing by second-level detectors.
Due to different materials with different capacities of absorption for rays, finally the energy of rays detected by second-level detectors are different, naturally showing different color.
The goods detected by X-ray luggage scanner are mainly divided into the following three categories: organic, inorganic and metals. For unity orange represents organisms, it is largely because most of the explosives are inorganic. All operators undergo the professional training. Not only to find those obviously dangerous goods such as guns, knives. And so on. More importantly, it is very necessary to find those hidden cargoes such as explosive things. These organisms are often the tools to hijack a plane by the criminals.
There is usually a misunderstanding as following. security screening system may damage the camera, electronic devices and other things in the process of detecting baggage. In fact, all modern x-ray luggage scanners had considered the result, so they control the energy produced by x-ray radiation will not harm the camera. Certainly, they are able to undertake more radiation than the camera. What’s more, they do not have any damage.
So when you are traveling by plane, you should always carry the camera, because of a variety of packaging on it like laptop computers and other electronic devices, not easy to be found the dangerous goods. So through customs these goods like laptop computers and other things should be checked by hand on. Even if so, it is still dangerous, because many electronic devices still normally function even with the extra dangerous goods. Thus many airports are also equipped with chemical sniffer. When doubting it with dangerous chemicals such as explosives in an electronic device, staff will cover the device rapidly by a piece of cloth, and then take cover on the sniffer. Sniffer is based on information already stored to determine whether the devices with some kind of explosive materials. Through the inspections of x-ray luggage scanner, you and your carry-on baggage security clearance, all is OK and you can Board.
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