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Nothing to do with Kpop

Hi, I've been gone for a while because of school, but I just needed to express myself. Yes, I am carribbean American, Black, a minority and a women. I thought that even though Hillary wasn't the best candidate, people would make the obvious choice to choose her...
But, I guess not. The electoral votes showed that... It's hard to think that while most my friends were crying for hours straight last night and this morning, there were people celebrating. One of my friends actually felt physically sick and when we went to visit him, we knew it was not an exaggeration. It was a rough night and day. Long story short. It didn't help that it rained all day and it was cold and windy. How fitting. My mood has plummeted and I can't help, but feel lost that half of America thinks that they made the right choice. Not only that, but show no empathy for the people that Trump's plans will impact the most. I will make a disclaimer that I don't spy or live in every trump supporters house so I do not know what they were thinking, but I still hold my values and opinions. Anyways, I've been watching BTS and other kpop videos to soothe the pain. I do truly hope that Trump doesn't make America fall too hard, but I hoped for Hillary too. So, yeah...bye for now.
Also, I added two gospel songs cause they are soothing. Listen if you want or don't.
I didn't vote for Hillary, but I hope that Trump understands what he's getting himself into. I've been dealing with anxiety and paranoia all day.
whether ppl voted for trump or not doesn't matter. At the end of the day electoral votes matter. Plus, what ppl do in the future to make sure America doesn't crash and burn. We can only make America worth living in if we as a ppl come together and fix things. I'm speaking in more optimistic terms right now.
If I say, I'll lose you guys as followers..... that should tell you...
that and they need to let the joke die during that time because the elections are SUPER important @CLAKPOP @danyeljules41
And people have been bashing me on social media because I didn't vote for Hillary. I hate living in this society.
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