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Lee Min Ho First love!
Why haven't I seen this video before?? Found in youtube.. awesome! According to the owner: I just made this for fun but it turned out well!! (I actually wanted to use my own picture but I was just too shy, so I used Vingle, the platform I usually post stuffs in). You all can make your own video too with your own pictures!! Just click the link to make your own video with Lee Min Ho!! http://goo.gl/S6cf7
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nice...lovi it..
4 years ago·Reply
nice...love it :-*
4 years ago·Reply
is good to remember the good memories, are good for our mind.
4 years ago·Reply
I've seen this video a few months ago at You tube and Park Min Young was inside the picture...
4 years ago·Reply
nice commercial oppah LMH 4 promoting vingle net. . .love it <3<3<3 tnx.:-)
3 years ago·Reply