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Gong Hyo Jin Falls in Love at First Sight with Lee Jong Hyuk in ‘Master’s Sun’ (c) mwave Adding some fun, Lee Jae Yong and Lee Jong Hyuk will be making special cameo appearances on SBS’Master’s Sun. On September 11, Lee Jae Yong and Lee Jong Hyuk will be appearing on Master’s Sun. They will be Chairman Lee and CEO Lee Jae Suk of the rival company of So Ji Sub’s shopping mall. In the story, Lee Jae Suk and Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) meet at the funeral of Chairman Lee, who passes away suddenly. There, Lee Jae Suk meets Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin) and things become complicated. With Tae Gong Shil and So Ji Sub’s brilliant plan, the episode is expected to move its viewers with the relationship between Chairman Lee and Lee Jae Suk as father and son. Source: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/45656
Haha I did already, a made a card for the recap too and my heart hurt too! I cry a lot and I felt that desperation feeling that she felt! We can rant on my card if you want! :)
must watch ep. 12...but i warn you prepare yoursefl...it really hurt my heart...but atleast I could rewind to the beginning when it got too bad....dont wanna ruin it...so i'll wait a few days..to rant
haha right!
episode 11's ending was so surprising. ! "Did you know how the nut cracker lady get out of your body.? haha..right there and then he asked tae yang to take a look for herself. .then..then..he kissed her.!!! waaaah.!!!! I love it !!! ^^,.
she had better not fall in love at first sight with him...this is not a harem manga this a drama...two men are enough ms Hyo Jin...save some for the rest of us...lol
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