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Video 1: Aaron Dobson with his first career catch and touchdown! Video 2: Geno Smith makes a nice pass to Stephen Hill but he fumbles it! Pats recover! Video 3: Jets Rookie CB Dee Milliner makes the nice play to almost cause the fumble! Ruling was overturned. Video 4: Chandler Jones with the Sack and Dance! Video 5: Chandler Jones with another sack and dance! Video 6: Bilal Powell scores for the Jets first TD! Video 7: Geno Smith throws his first interception! Video 8: Geno Smith throws his 2nd interception!
Wow big spread. Not sure if 12 points is enough though for me to bet on the Jets. I'm a little worried because they struggled against the Bills last week and now they don't have Amendola, Vereen, and Gronk.
Geno Smith is going to lead the Jets to another miracle victory! F the PATS! 21-17 JETS!
Game is definitely going to be a blowout... what's the spread?