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Lee Jong-suk, Seo In-guk’s Sports Pic to Open in October
Korean actor Lee Jong-suk and Seo In-guk’s film has confirmed its release date to the last day of October. ▶ http://www.tenasia.com/archives/72592
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@norsky.. he's cute in secret garden too although his character was gay there... yup he's so cute in this picture.. actually they both look good here... cuteness overload...lol
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yeah they look good here, happy to know that one of thier scene was taken in davao the hometown of my mother in law to be hehe,, @nylamrehs do you think jong-suk would be more hotter if he gains some flesh hehe soo skinny:))
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definitely yup!! he'll look better if he gained some weight..
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Ooh damn xD
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