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If you have time, please visit her blog and read all about the journey to this particular recipe. It's very interesting and a good read!
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@curtisb Did you read her article in regards to the recipe and what led up to it? It's very interesting because she actually did know a sushi "master." Also, sushi can have varying forms as sushi refers to the rice, so it's perfectly acceptable to fill it with veggies and other meats.
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@YinofYang yup i did something like this !!!! I fill it with Mexican mixed vegetable cooked not fresh !!!!it was yummiiiiii
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woah what is inside? It looks so simple yet delicious!
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@samrusso716 Most definitely. It is filled with basil pesto and green beans. A nice healthy alternative.
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love the fusion! I have a latin and arabic music fusion collection haha
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