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I read this about a month ago, and I recently discovered it got a movie adaption during september which is great, however say it doesn't have a subbed version yet, though I'll be putting the trailer below.
Title - Koe no katachi (Silent Voice) Genre - School, Drama, shounen Volumes - 7 Synopsis- Shouya Ishida, a boy always looking for ways to beat boredom, ends up looking for it in the wrong place. Weirded out by his new classmate, a deaf transfer student named Shouko Nishimiya, he deems her as the target of his ostracizing and bullying. Day after day, Shouya picks on Shouko, unaware of the effects of his thoughtless actions. He finally understands the pain he has inflicted on her when one day, his bullying culminates in her leaving the school, and his classmates begin to shun and harass him every chance they get instead. Determined to right his wrongs, five years later, Shouya, now a third year high school loner, meets Shouko again. Thus begins the story of a young man's path to redemption.
I really love animes/manga that touch the topic of "life" because a lot of shows and other animes tend to look passed it. I love it when it shows you purpose for living and this manga is so light hearted and does touch sensitive topics and I honestly just lived it however I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending but it was a good manga over all.
definitely reccomended it's not exactly shoujo since the protagonist is a male character in fact it's serialized as shounen however I saw it as shoujo to me soo :)
Do you hate me? I hate you. ....... Idiot! Hag! Idiot! I laughed so hard at that part.
I read this and thought it was really beautiful, very dramatic but very beautiful. Although I can't really remember the end, I just remember that I really enjoyed it
waiting to see the movie