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I'm definitely a foodie. When I go out to eat, I want to really sample a lot of stuff and try different things. That's one reason I love Asian food. There are so many different dishes and side dishes available. Taken at Thai Orchid in Aurora. ©CGeske Photography
@MasriDaniela Hopefully, you ate some good food that day. (^_~) @GarrusVakarian Agreed!!!! I want to eat pho. It's been too long.
@nshen1 @YinofYang I second the vote for Thai and Vietnamese. Thai food has a lot of excellent noodle dishes; my favorite Vietnamese foods are pho (a noodle soup) and banh mi (French sandwiches). Cambodian food is good too - they use a lot of the same spices and flavors as Vietnamese. I've never had Laotian food though.
yumiiiii >_< hungry oaaaaaaaaa
@nshen1 There are various dishes that have different takes on it in the SE Asian countries. I would definitely give Thai and Vietnamese cuisine a try. I would also recommend Cambodia and Laos, but it's quite difficult finding food from those countries. There are salads, soups, and plenty of noodle dishes that you might enjoy.
I'm not all that familiar with anything non-Japanese/Korean/Chinese... any particular regional cuisine I should really try out?