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I'm definitely a foodie. When I go out to eat, I want to really sample a lot of stuff and try different things. That's one reason I love Asian food. There are so many different dishes and side dishes available. Taken at Thai Orchid in Aurora. ©CGeske Photography
I'm not all that familiar with anything non-Japanese/Korean/Chinese... any particular regional cuisine I should really try out?
@nshen1 There are various dishes that have different takes on it in the SE Asian countries. I would definitely give Thai and Vietnamese cuisine a try. I would also recommend Cambodia and Laos, but it's quite difficult finding food from those countries. There are salads, soups, and plenty of noodle dishes that you might enjoy.
yumiiiii >_< hungry oaaaaaaaaa
@nshen1 @YinofYang I second the vote for Thai and Vietnamese. Thai food has a lot of excellent noodle dishes; my favorite Vietnamese foods are pho (a noodle soup) and banh mi (French sandwiches). Cambodian food is good too - they use a lot of the same spices and flavors as Vietnamese. I've never had Laotian food though.
@MasriDaniela Hopefully, you ate some good food that day. (^_~) @GarrusVakarian Agreed!!!! I want to eat pho. It's been too long.