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Victoria Beckham has and always be Posh!
Posh struts her stuff along NYC during NYFW! Very very stylish! XD I'd love to have that dress.. Although, i know I'd need much longer legs in order to pull this off.. lol
guess when you're POSH even a tent looks appealing ... LMFAO
4 years ago·Reply exactly!.. if anybody else wore this.. we'd be really vioelnt right
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it looks cutte on her :-P
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she looks like she's on the runway everywhere she goes haha
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Ok I hate to be the one to be down on this look but really? It looks like she tossed a quilt over her and cut out some holes and in addition she looks pregnant in this outfit! Sorry but why hide a cute body with some tent puff coverup? Sorry this is a definite NO vote ugly outfit in my opinion! Posh missed the boat here but went camping instead!
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