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She's the next big thing in Hollywood! :) Chloe will cover TWO different magazines in October -- she's the face of W and Seventeen. On the cover of W magazine, the 16-year-old sports a more mature look and on the cover of Seventeen, Chloe appears playful and much closer to her own age. Not only is the brunette beauty on her way to becoming the next big thing, she's also a great role model. Speaking about bullying, she tells Seventeen "I have two gay brothers and two straight brothers, and my gay brothers were treated horrifically until they grew up and understood how to deal with it. I will delete you and I will block you, and you will not be a part of my life if you ever say anything bad about my brothers." The actress also believes that family should always come first -- another good motto to live by. "Never choose your friends over your family or a boyfriend or girlfriend over the family. My mom has always taught us that blood is thicker than water. No one will ever understand the dynamic of your family. Ever. We are the closest family ever and we are the most insane family ever. It may look weird to others, but to us, it’s life," she tells the mag. cr:toofab
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i like herrr :-)