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Ashton and Demi Together at the Airport!
Uh oh, Mila Kunis, where are you? Nearly two years after their bitter separation -- spurred on by his affair in a San Diego hotel room with another woman -- Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were spotted and filmed together an an airport in Burbank, Calif.. Married for nearly six years before splitting in November 2011, Kutcher, 35, and Moore, 50, were filmed by TMZ video cameras cordially strolling through the airport after taking a flight together; the website reports that the twosome ran into each at a tech conference in San Jose, Calif. The amicable sighting suggests, perhaps, that the former super-couple may finally be close to settling their long-festering divorce. cr:buzzfeed
at least they're friendly now XD
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Yeah, on the upside
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