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I been dying to hear this song that kept playing through the episode and they finally release it! YEA! Hahaha...enjoy the music by Melody Day-All About! :)
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http://sweetevelyn.tumblr.com/post/60935545873/major-spoiler-it-but-major-spoiler-it-for-episode Look what I found! It's a huge spoiler alert though just warning you!!
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Can you make a card for it please? Because they won't let me make a card on my phone. >_< just copy the link and title it major alert for episode 11 and say don't read it if you don't want a huge spoiler for episode 11. Please? :3
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i'm sorry i just opened my vingle today and there's the vid of ep 11 already... ^^
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It's okay. :)
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