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Really fast AF and Focus Peaking is what you will be getting and sorry no 4K video capture either.... You want to know how much it is going to cost you? Read on...
@lyricalmotion True, wide angles are expensive either way round, even in manual. I have never met a cheap wide angle and when you do, it vignettes! Ces't la vie....
@lyricalmotion Ah should use that two times crop to your advantage. A full frame lens on a MFT sensor means you get sharper images (edge to edge sharpness) as oppose to a purpose built MFT lens which will see sharpness fall off at the four edges. What's more, you can buy a cheap 35mm Nikon Manual lens and with an adaptor, turn it into a 70mm portrait lens, giving you beautiful bokeh and edge to edge sharpness. This worth my cup of tea :-)
@lyricalmotion I don't think that you'd go out to shoot pictures in the rain by virtue of having owned one of these. Personally I believe that you're better off using a manual lens from an old Nikon with an adaptor on a Micro 4/3 camera as it gives you far better bokeh. I know coz I have done it :-)
sounds interesting !! would save this article for reading later at night .