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I think the 8 megapixel camera is just about right though I don't agree with the asking price for the said device. The 5S is suppose to deliver 4K video...which didn't happen. And the Apple designed sensor is suppose to rock...the 5C on the other hand, has the same camera sensor as the 5.
I switched to the Galaxy S4 after the latest update for iphone4...not a fan of apple's newest work
@JohnLee It is a personal choice. The 5S does sound like a better deal with the Apple designed sensor and new processor. With the 5C, it doesn't have that much to offer except the rainbow colors....
I'm still debating if I should pick up the iPhone 5S... I would not get the 5C just because I feel like I always need to get the top of the line product. People seem to really be hating on the look of the 5C but I think the colors look nice!