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Do you think Ndamukong Suh's chop block on Vikings Center John Sullivan was dirty? Or was it just a hustle play?
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@Watkins1 From what I read online, the man is actually a gentleman outside of football... Don't know what leads to all his infamous football actions. Maybe he just has a lot of rage to unleash during the games!
As a Bears fan, I hate Suh's guts. Could care less about how he is off the field, the man takes cheap ass shots. Hope he gets targeted every game by the other team's OLine!
yeah I agree, before they played the bears suh called the team in for a meeting telling them be a class act and professionals out on the field and he goes and pull that stunt. someone's not practicing what they preach
@watkins1 as a Vikings fan, I hope the guy ruling over his hearing is Matt Birk! Dude just doesnt get the fact that u cant complain about cut blocks on him then go and pull this! This is just gonna get other O-linemen to really go at him
@windycitytale i havent really agreed with many Bears fans many times before but I completely agree with u (btw nice win last week)