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Here is the next entry for you all! Enjoyy XD

Missed the first one? I gotchu~

Hi Diary,

You know what I hate the most in the world?
Like, what the hell is wrong with some people. Today I was just minding my business and getting some coffee down the street when this mother f- decided to almost hit me with his car. And he was texting. TEXTING.
Like ho my lord, you are going to have to hold me back Diary. If I could count every time I saw someone texting while driving I would be filthy rich.
Anywho, I hope your day went good - well as good as it could be for a pad full of paper.
Thanks for listening to me complain.
Tomorrow will be a better day, because...
Well, I guess I can just tell you tomorrow.
Sleep well.

Anyone else relate to that? And what will happen tomorrow?! ;)

Thanks for reading as always!

(Also, like the new ending gif? His awkwardness is me in a nutshell lolol)

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Zelo's face is just like "hey there" raises eyebrows at lightning speed, eyebrows fly off his face. Makes that one pose with Yongguk on the cat walk. "I'm so fab check out I'm blond, I'm skinny I'm rich and I love cherry tomatoes and Gukkie hyung"
Relatable. I hate people who text and drive!!!! 😡😡