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Coffee Break! Part 4 Bts fan fic

Hi Hi!!! Got another update for you all ♥ lol so we've seen Keri's point of view and Mel's now its time for Yoongi! Dying to know what he's thinking and going through? lucky you I whipped up a chapter filled with Yoongi and the boys lol. This part is all in Yoongi's view! Eee my excitement for this, well I'm sure you'll be able to tell lol.
Yoongi's View! Walking into the studio I called out break time making the rest of the guys look over at me. "Yoongi!!!!" Tae called out and came over first. "Why are you hyper all of a sudden?" I eyed the kid. "He had candy" Jin said coming over and grabbing a cup. "You came back early" he added. The rest of the guys came up and grabbed their drinks. "Yah what you didn't see your mystery girl?" Jimin slapped my back as he chuckled. "I saw her, but she wasn't sticking around" I sighed. "I got to meet this girl sometime" Jimin said. "Yah, then distract her friend for me" I chuckled. "the one you've been messaging?" He asked. "Why are you messaging her friend and not her? You got her number didn't you?" Namjoon asked. "I did, but I'm not sure what to say" I sighed.  It was easy to message a girl I could be friends with then her. Mel I didn't have to watch my words with so could be blunt about what I was doing, but her I saw almost everyday at the coffee shop, I didn't want her to think I was a workaholic or give her reasons not to like me. "Dude! You whimp just say hi good morning, good afternoon good night throughout the day" Jimin said. "Here I'm taking your phone" jimin slid his hand into my pocket making me jump but he still got ahold of my phone and ran before I could get it back. "Yah! Give it back!" I shouted. "Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Keri, manager, Mel" he started reading my contacts as he ran around the room. "Is it Keri or Mel?" Jimin stopped running around and asked. "Look through his texts which did he message?" Hoseok called out as he held onto me keeping me from getting to Jimin. "Oh smart hobi!" Jimin said. "Come on give it back!" I called out trying to get out of hoseoks grasp. Kooki wrapped himself around my feet and Take started climbing up clinging on like a koala. "You messaged Mel? So. . .  wait why did you tell her you were showering?" Jimin questioned. "I was hopping in the shower after our run and first practice session" I said. "And she wanted to join you? Dude why not go for this chick? Is she not hot?" Jimin was questioning me now. "She's okay, tae stop squirming and Kooki let go or I'm going to fall" I said trying to deal with the three guys restraining me. "I won't let you fall" hoseok stated. He was the only one holding onto my waist from behind who could probably keep me from going forward. "So you like this Keri girl then?" Namjoon asked. "Yah Jimin message her!" He called out moving off the text messages that were sent. "Yah NO!" I yelled. "To late" Jimin grinned. "I sent it" he walked forward and handed me the phone back. I took it and looked at the message 'How is your morning beautiful girl?' "There, was that so hard to do?" Jimin grinned. Hoseok looked over my shoulder at my phone. "Beautiful girl? Hmm is she beautiful?" Hoseok questioned. I thought about that for a second. Keri was pretty, her long black hair and that small face of hers but her eyes were big and expressive. Every time she talked about something that interested her they would widen and light up to a brighter green and when she was listening to me talk her eyes would look hazel and look dreamy at me. "Yea she is" I sighed. "Ooo" the guys cooed. "I really want to meet this girl now." Jimin said. My phone clicked indicating a text message. "Did she already reply?" Hoseok asked. Opening the text I read what she wrote. 'Interesting morning but taking pretty pictures now' Keri texted 'Care to show me?' I quickly typed out and sent "Dude you ask what made it interesting? Was it running into you?" Hoseok questioned. "I'm not going to ask her that" I shot back as he grabbed at my phone. "Hey no" I yelled as another message came in from her. It was a picture of a street with people walking down the street and showed off how symmetrical the street was and people in motion. "She sent a picture" hoseok called out. The guys were now crowding around me looking at the screen. I tapped on the picture to enlarge it then another popped up and I went to that picture. It was probably of the other side Of where she was standing but this picture showed the bridge and water. It was a really good picture. "Dude you two are both into photography!" Kooki said. "Yea she said she liked to take pictures. This is a good shot. I wonder what kind of pictures she has on her camera" I wondered out loud. "Ask her" hoseok said. 'You have a great angle for those pictures.' I wrote instead. "No, ask her about her other pictures" hoseok whined. "No he's complimenting her that's good. Stick with compliments" Namjoon said. "Ask her to take a selfie!" Jimin said. "Yes! I want to see what she looks like!" Tae agreed. "I'm not going to ask her that hey give me my phone back!" Jimin took my phone while i was talking. He wrote something out then handed it back to me. "There" he grinned. 'Take a selfie' "Really? That sounds pushy!' I sighed. "What did he write?" Jin asked. "He wrote Take a selfie" I told him. "Pretty straight forward, not pushy" Jin said. Another picture showed up. It was a picture of her looking shy, her eyes were squinting and her nose was crinkled, the bridge was in the background. "Oh man she is pretty" hoseok commented. "She looks so cute!" Take said. Jimin grabbed my phone and looked. "She is adorable! Look at her cute nose! She looks shy! Is she shy?" Jimin shot out. The phone got passed around until everyone has seen it. "Message back she looks cute!" Jimin said. Reluctantly I typed it out. 'You look really cute in that picture' "Is she shy?" Jimin asked again. I had to think about that, when I first met her I thought she was but she liked to talk once she was comfortable, she liked to laugh and to show her emotions. I didn't think she was shy. But she also didn't pick up on hints that he kept dropping. "Is she?" Namjoon prompted when I took to long to answer. "Hm she isn't when she gets comfortable but a lot goes over her head" I told them honestly. "Which is why being blunt works" jimin grinned. "Just be straight forward with her then" Jin said. "Aish " I said as they all started in on comments about it. "Hey send her a picture of us!" Tae said. "Why?" I asked. "Cause she just asked what are you doing? You should show her!" Tae said. "And make it look like your all seeing her messages too" I questioned. "I doubt that's what she'll think" Jin said. "Just add your in the studio with us" Namjoon suggested. Nodding I agreed. We all gathered close and took a picture and I sent it to Keri with a message. We waited for the message and when it came in I couldn't help but laugh. 'You guys look like your having fun! Are you taking a break?' "See! She wouldn't think we were all huddled around looking at your phone!" Jimin said making me laugh. "What's funny is, we really are" Kooki commented. "Keri doesn't know that" I said. "Oh! So what are you going to say?" Hoseok asked. "That we are on break and she should come here" Jimin said. Before he could take the phone from me I pulled it closer and kept my grip on it. "No, she's busy" I said. "Hey you got another message" tae said hearing the click. I looked and read the message. 'I liked seeing you today! Sorry we didn't have more time together' "Oh so she liked seeing you! That's a good sign!" Hoseok said. "Um it says its Mel who sent it. Weren't we talking to Keri?" Tae questioned. "Mel? Isn't that the friend?" Jimin asked. "Yes it is" I said. I messaged her back. 'Yes different seeing you there at that time, though you were with Keri so must of been why I saw you' "Did you really just send that to her?" Jin asked looking over my shoulder. "What's wrong with that?" I asked "Nothing" his eyes widened. Another message came in. 'Yea sorry Keri was there' "What the hell!" Jin read the message out loud after that. "Aren't those two friends? That's kind of bitchy or is it me?" Hoseok exclaimed. "Those two are really opposites." I sighed. "Gimme!" Hoseok grabbed my phone and I let him. "so why are they friends?" Jimin asked. "Heh, I asked Keri that same thing. She told me how when she transfered into middle school Mel became her first friend and through out school they stayed friends, even as Mel would drift into different clicks but when Mel would start to get bullied, Keri would be her only friend. Their friendship runs deep" I explained what keri had told me in short. "Really? That sounds like she just latched onto Keri" Jimin said. "I think its nice, Keri would stick by her friends side through thick and thin" Namjoon said. "Here" hoseok handed my phone back to me. There was two messages. "You probably are done with your break, so work hard! fighting! you guys are great! Don't work until you drop and make sure to drink lots of water" I read the message Keri left me. I couldn't help but smile. "She is so caring!" Jin said "what did the other message say?" He asked. I flipped to Mel's texts and saw what Hoseok wrote. "Hobi!" I exclaimed. "What? She sounded mean" he shrugged. "What did he write?" Jimin asked. "Keri was fine. I liked seeing her. Why so mean? Isn't she your friend?" I read. "Eh kind of just wrote what we all thought" Jimin shrugged. "What did she write?" Tae asked. "She wrote 'of course she's my friend thats why I can say stuff like that'. What kind of friend would say that to someone?" I didn't get it. "That's not right. Why are you even talking to her?" Jimin asked. "Cause she's friends with Keri, thought if I got friendly with her I could find out more about Keri, but Keri doesn't hold back things about herself" I shrugged. "Then stop talking to mel and just talk to Keri" Jimin said "Yea? Next time I get coffee your coming with! Then you can keep her attention while I talk to Keri" I countered. His eyes widened. 'Well okay if you insist." He said to innocently.  I just realized. " I'll get to meet Keri too then" Jimin grinned.
He he he I don't know why I just see these guys acting like girls as they bicker and comment about what to message a girl lol. But ooo Jimin really wants to meet Keri the most. Lol hope you guys liked this. Now I have a question for all you readers. should I stick with one point of view or change it every part to someone else? I've been debating doing a rotation of point of views.
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loved it loved it loved it! gives us a clear view on what we all thought... Mel needs to take a step back n smell the flowers... she's out. on the other hand... Jimin.... stay in your lane boi! Keri is yoongi's sweedy♡~ hahahaha but in all honesty I'm loving the rotating... gives us a full 360 on what's going on in everyone's mind and enjoying the different thoughts and reactions.. also the boys are adorable all together! hoping for num5 ASAP😉 thank you!♡~
I like seeing the different perspectives it gives us a wider view of what's going on. :)
@SindyHernandez @FromBlue2U lol omo the guys its so easy to picture them doing this and yea the part were j hope, kooki and tae are holding onto him to keep him from getting Jimin 😂😂 lol I love the fact everyone seems to be enjoying it and is wanting more!
I can't with this chapter 😆😆😆 I feel like I'm getting obsessed with this story. it keep me wanting more and this chapter was not helping at all because it has a little bit of everything that some girls do in real life to get to someone lol. also I like how he's just using mel to get Keri and he's not afraid to say that he is lol and the boys I was actually picturing everything and the part that got me was when kookie ,v and j-hope were on tip of him I had to picture that and I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂 I like the direction you're taking this story and the different views it has I'm in love with it 😍😍😍😍😍
It took the help of 6 mischievous boys to get things going in the right direction! Good job boys!😊 Smart boys too for pointing out what kind of girl Mel Is! Get out of the way Mel...Keri coming thru!! lol
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