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Syria's reported use of chemical weapons is threatening to turn the civil war there into a wider conflict. But the Bashar al-Assad government may not be the only one in the region with a nerve gas stockpile. A newly discovered CIA document indicates that Israel likely built up a chemical arsenal of its own. Reports have circulated in arms control circles for almost 20 years that Israel secretly manufactured a stockpile of chemical and biological weapons to complement its nuclear arsenal. Much of the attention has been focused on the research and development work being conducted at the Israeli government's secretive Israel Institute for Biological Research at Ness Ziona, located 20 kilometers south of Tel Aviv.
well since israel isn't an ally we have no true obligations to them. In my opinion they're only strategic value is for domestic policy. As you know they share very little intel with us, especially rleative to the massive amounts we give them.
@curtisb I understand that there are a lot of issues to consider when making an international demand, especially on a strategic ally. The issue though is that others who we are trying to make into allies will jump on us if we do not at least try to pressure somewhat Israel to give up their weapons
I think so, but the US also has a ton of chemical weapons. Israels done a lot of messed up things in its time. Anyway, what could we do? The US President is under a ton of pressure to pander to Israel at all times.
@curtisb Should Israel not be put under the same pressure to give them up then? Would that not be fair?