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I thought someone named @shoenami might love this, lol The actor covers the October issue of Men's Health, where he also opens up about bulking up for his latest role. Joseph stars in, directed and wrote "Don Jon" -- so it makes sense why he has a few things in common with the title character. But there was one thing he had to change for the role: His weight. "I was big, but I wasn’t healthy," he says about packing on muscle. "The feeling I’ll have after playing basketball with friends for a few hours versus going to the gym and staring at myself for a few hours is the difference between exhilaration and hell. One’s blissful, the other is sore, self-doubting, and lonely."
@yinofyang hahah definitely does! and have you seen the video Jimmy Kimmel posted of him?!?!?!? it was adorable he was doing the parody of a youtube video!!
@ameliasantos10 I agree, he's got this...aura that just oozes off of him. Lol.
i feel like isn't he the only one who doesn't have to take off his shirt to be on the front cover? haha
Well, helloooooo Joseph, love. Lol!