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From the site: "The Overhang House designed by Dada & Partners in New Delhi, India, is an ultra contemporary, sleek, and thermally efficient home. The Overhang House, so called because of the 200 square foot master bathroom that cantilevers over the entrance without structural support, takes up a bare 350 square foot space, but houses a family. The interior and exterior of the house blend seamlessly into each other with the floor to ceiling glass and the wood and concrete that continues from inside the home to the outside. Designed and built to be contemporary, the Overhang House keeps its Indian roots with the courtyards and open design between the indoor and outdoor living spaces. The Overhang House is not only beautiful and functional, but it is also sustainably “green”. It is built to take full benefit of the southern sun in the winter while the overhangs help reduce the inside temperature naturally. Full glass panel doors open to the courtyard to assist in ventilation. Rooftop solar panel collectors are used for all the hot water heating and rainwater is collected into a harvesting pit."