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From the site: "MPR Design group has created an innovative house located in Bronte, Australia. This one of a kind building looks like the top of the house could be a bay window from a starship in most sci-fi fantasy films. A broad and open setting once you step foot in the door, welcomes you with lots of warm natural light. Spacious is the first feeling you get along with a sense of warmth from the skylights throughout the building. The kitchen is a completely sleek design with tons of counter space for those who love to cook. Nice straight lines and lots of cupboard space line the walls of one side of the kitchen, built in with the stove and oven. The opposite side holds a fireplace, that fits the more modern theme. The bathroom has the glass feel of an expensive hotel room. Again with ample counter space to offset the large glass shower doors covering the bathtub. The bedroom is spacious as well offering plenty of cabinet space, hardwood flooring and lots of natural light through the windows. Equipped also with a pool surrounded by a glass gate adds another unique touch to this innovative architecture. Straight lines and right angles seem to be the lead, until you get to the spiraling staircase that can leave your head whirling at the top. Once upstairs you are welcomed with a wonderful view and chance to relax out on the balcony or just inside facing out the broad room like windows."
@yukias Architecture? That would be awesome.
i want to do something like this when i grow up! ><
@popcoco98 That was my reaction when I saw it too. LOL!
@Tapsamai Yesss, this is a really cool house.
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