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From the site: "Among the pines, this masterpiece pays homage to its Lithuanian roots. This innovative property is located among the dense wooded riverside of Kaunas, Lithuania. The design concept incorporates style from Lithuania’s urban concrete landscape and wooden countryside heritage. Designed by Studijq Archispekteas, this modern approach proved successful in integrating sustainable construction within the dynamic design aesthetics. The unique materials of the interior are balanced by a palette of textures and styles that simulate a distinct flow throughout the home. Through the immense glass walls of the house, sunlight can easily penetrate its warmth and energy to the core of the structure. From the exterior the large expansion of glass adds to the intrigue of the home. Vaulted ceilings paired with an open floor plan promote the feeling of immense spatial capacity, while the flowing interior provides a sense of comfort. This Lithuanian artistry proudly displays sustainable innovation that seamlessly compliments the natural environment. In it’s entirety this house is a blissful marriage between the timeless natural beauty and modern environmentally conscious construction."