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From the site: "An exquisite project for all the nature lovers, those people who would like to stay in a house with a big garden and green space, but all this while staying in the in the city. You have to appreciate the amazing house plan who make possible for the sun to come down through the roof and on the floor in the garden. You can enjoy plants in your flat but also on the roof where was designed a real place for relaxing in the middle of the nature and while living in the town surrounded by other buildings. Thanks to the superior level, this penthouse also provides you an excellent view of the city, making it ideal for a romantic evening for two. The wooden decoration elements are in a perfect color combination with the green plants and the walls. The synthetic carpet resembles many stones forming an alley with wooden chairs which is similar to a piece of a park with benches. The fireplace built in the wall in the front of the sofa offers you all the comfort you need in the cold days, creating in this way a perfect place for lounge and reading. Even the pillows are symbols of the nature with their stones shaped."