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My gosh was this episode good or what? Haha, so much happens in this episode but a few things stand out more then anything... 1)First off I notice that a lot of Joong Won's expression was really cute in this episode...maybe because he finally confess and feels giddy like I did when he was telling her how much he like her! 2)Then when they about to make plans to go on their first date he just HAD to get a call to attend the funeral which Tae gets angry about, because she is assuming that he did all that just use her a radar again... 3)It was hilarious when Tae gasp when she the CEO and Joong was like what you see something and she was like no I thought that the CEO would be some mean looking man but he's handsome; and then of course (cutely) Joong gets angry and reminds her that she is here as a radar. Hahaha. 4) I love Secretary Kim...once again he always seems to know how to push Joong's buttons, but this time he also push KW's buttons too; and in the end Joong agree to go with Tae to the vacation home to find about the ghost issue. 5) The mistress wasn't a mistress, but it was him taking pics of himself as a women? What? 6) The dad and Joong finally meet and they seem to have a well ending... 7)The twin is sneakily trying to get onto the aunt's side that way she can get closer to Joong! 8) I thought the trash can scene was cute because through the whole episode Joong was dying to know if she got it or not! 9) And of course the ending was just beyond PERFECT! I mean whoa! What in the world happen! Another kiss!! What a perfect way to end, right?! Now the preview for the next episode left me a little confuse but dying to know what happens, from my interpret I think Tae is in trouble and Joong gets worried....hmmm...well leave your comments below on your opinions of episode 11's or the preview for the next episode. Peace :)
Yup agree. ^_^
right, like to see his smile SO often, SO nice.. ^^
Me too. ^^
love the way he smiles
So ji sub? And gong hyo Jin?
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