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Michael Eastman has established himself as one of the world’s leading contemporary photographic artists. The self-taught photographer has spent four decades documenting interiors and facades in cities as diverse as Havana, Paris, Rome, and New Orleans, producing large-scale photographs unified by their visual precision, monumentality, and painterly use of color. Eastman is most recognized for his explorations of architectural form and the textures of decay, which create mysterious narratives about time and place. He still relies on capturing the image on film and continues to print the images himself. The interiors that you’ve photographed for ‘Cuba’ are stunning. How have you been able to find and gain access to these locations? ‘Much of finding the interiors to photograph is luck. One of the best photographs that I made in Cuba was of a building that had a gaping hole in it’s beautiful green-tiled roof. I was driving down the street when I noticed the roof and entered to find the most amazing interior. It was a grand home on Fifth Avenue, also known as embassy row. It was just luck and driving down many, many streets. I have found that the more I look, the better my luck’.
Beautiful architecture of Cuba, a lot of influence from the Spanish.
really like this, i can't wait for travel restrictions to be lifted