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The realities of waste in this country are very different from what most people on this earth experience. We are not forced to live among our refuse, knowing the immediacy of its decline, unaware of the process it undergoes. Our waste is conveniently carted off by mainly unseen forces. These recycling behemoths become like faces, each one having a story inherent in their lines and symmetry. I am fascinated by the lifespan that is particular to them and that relationship to ourselves. After being processed in the United States by various non-profit industries, they leave and are shipped to parts of the country and the world.—Wesley Law Baled is a telling series by St. Louis-based photographer Wesley Law that explores the journey our waste and donated items take once we are rid of them. Law gained access to a Goodwill liquidation center for other retail stores, and discovered these large ‘bales’ of everyday items waiting to be transported to new destinations. Interested in the realities of what we dispose of, Law captures these bundles as compact worlds of their own, lost islands in transition.
@alise sure thing, it is a good lesson for us to learn :)
It is really good to learn more about the journey of our wastes.