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America's waiters and waitresses can't seem to get a break. Not only do they make a mere $2 to $5 an hour base salary in most places, now the tax man wants to make their lives more miserable. Yes, the IRS is worried that people who typically make about $20,000 a year aren't paying enough in taxes. Why go after millionaires and billionaires when you can squeeze more out of servers? In a new rule set to take effect in January, restaurants that charge an "automatic tip" have to treat that amount like a wage, not a tip. What is the point of this?
Now that I live in Korea, I wonder why we tip in America. I know that servers work hard (or at least some do) and it is a way of showing appreciation, but in Korea we don't tip... and the service is better! If you think being a waiter in America is hard... most waiters in Korea get paid ~$4.50 an hour before tax and don't get tips. AND they have to deal with all the drunk men at night.
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Its not about showing appreciation, its an evaluation of the server. Average=17%, good=20%, bad=15%. ANd when I was in Korea I thought the service was absolutely terrible by comparison. You have to take your check up the counter to pay even at the nicest restaurants!
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