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Hi Hi!

So the next entry is here and this one gets a little more interesting...Enjoyy! XD

Missed the other entries? I gotchu~

Hey Diary,

So... the weirdest thing happened today. We had another performance for IU's song on MusicBank and we ran into some other bands.
One of them was the group I love. B.A.P. They are so crazy talented Diary like I don't even know where to begin. But remember that guy that I kind of have a super major crush on? Yeah. He is in that group.
Who? Well, it might be too early to tell you yet diary.
But the weird thing is that another one of them talked to me. Like he knew my name which totally caught me off guard. I remember I stuttered while talking, making him laugh.
Aigoo, I am so awkward. But he waved goodbye as he left for the stage, making me feel a little happy to be honest.
Maybe I can talk to him more. Maybe we could be friends.
Nah, who am I kidding Diary.
That would never happen.

Thanks for reading as always!!! XD

And who is the member she likes?! *evil laughs*

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....😒 Just tell me who it is!!!!! 😣😣 And ha, plot twist (not really) but you do end up getting close to B.A.P!! Ha!! Bet you didn't see that coming!!!! cX
The last two sentences: me with all the guys I like
Same girl. Same 😂😭😂