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Here's information from the site: [Order link below in Japanese] You can now pre-order the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box at Square Enix’s e-STORE now but until September 30th to do so! The pricing is 35,000 yen or approximately $450 USD. (I know, right?) This lovely box features: Limited edition version of all the Final Fantasy games from I to XIII (this does not include the spinoffs or sequels). Those games include: Final Fantasy II (PlayStation, 1 disc) Final Fantasy III (PlayStation Portable, 1 disc) Final Fantasy IV (PlayStation, 1 disc) Final Fantasy V (PlayStation, 1 disc) Final Fantasy VI (PlayStation, 1 disc) Final Fantasy VII International (PlayStation, 4 discs) Final Fantasy VIII (PlayStation, 4 discs) Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation, 4 discs) Final Fantasy X (PlayStation 2, 1 disc) Final Fantasy XI: Vana’diel Collection 2 (PlayStation 2, 1 disc) Final Fantasy XII (PlayStation 2, 1 disc) Final Fantasy XIII (PlayStation 3, 1 disc) Miniature replica of Yoshitaka Amano’s FF 25th-Anniversary Visual Artwork with a serial-numbered acrylic stand FF 25th-Anniversary commemorative visual Art collection Crystal ArtWorks FF 25th-Anniversary commemorative special-edition video disc Two FF 25th-Anniversary commemorative music selection CDs Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Mogu Mogu Earring (In-Game Item Code) Translation courtesy of Critiques4Geeks! You can order it from Square Enix [http://store.jp.square-enix.com/special/ff25th#set]
@nshen1 I knew that. (>_<) Lol. Myself as well. I remember certain phrases and words, but I feel I should know more.
@yinofyang lol I was joking about my Japanese skills....... Very disappointed in myself considering I have watched decade's worth of anime...subbed of course
@nshen1 My pleasure. :-) Wow, do you also speak Japanese? Nice!
@yinofyang awww darn... thanks for looking though! Time to crank up my Japanese comprehension skills :D
@nshen1 Sorry for the late reply. I don't think it is available in English, but I could be wrong. I did try finding that information out from various gaming sites, but it's not mentioned anywhere.
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