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"You're Handsome" or "You're Beautiful" CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk revealed a story of changed fate while making an appearance on the November 30th episode of SBS's "Strong Heart." He began, "I received an opportunity to audition for a Korean drama one day. I had to basically rival with Jung Yong Hwa for a role in SBS's 'You're Handsome.' We practiced acting with each other and I was definitely better than him at acting. In fact, Yong Hwa-hyung had a very awkward time with it, so I was sure that the opportunity would bend in my favor. I felt that I'd be able to become a somebody if I received the 'Kang Shin Woo' role." He continued, "I was devastated when I heard that Yong Hwa-hyung got the role while in Japan. I started crying and begging our CEO to give me another chance because I was so hurt. I later heard from the director that my cute image didn't fit with the 'Kang Shin Woo' character, which was why he chose Yong Hwa-hyung. I was really upset every time I read articles calling Yong Hwa-hyung 'towel man' or 'milk man.' I always thought that it was my spot." awwww my poor baby is soooo cute :-* hehe u can't really blame the director minhee my baby is really really shooo shoo cute ^_^ don't worry u are still the milk man in my eyes LOVE U :-* <3 <3 <3
@saharjalpari9 ok gr8 thx friend
@christy no jealousy dear just minhee being cute ;-)♥hehe
no don't like jealousy feeling between them. their teamwork image