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8.Stony Skunk, "Red Light District" (2007) Producer: Stony Skunk Album: More Fyah G-Dragon: "Stony Skunk, when they were with our company, had a song which I personally like called ‘Red Light District.’ It's [producer] Kush's solo record. As you may have guessed, it's about the red light district. I don't know why, but I just find that record to be very entertaining. [Laughs.] It's not really a reggae-style record. But if you listen to the lyrics, you can tell like, ‘Wow, this is the real deal. This is from the perspective of someone who knows the deal.’ [Laughs.] Like he has a line that says, ‘Instead of your number, I want to know your name.’ I remember thinking, ‘Man, he really went in on this record.’ You know? He's pointing out the fact that people in that industry all use fake names.” 9.Big Bang “Fool” (2007) Producer: Brave Brothers Album: Hot Issue EP G-Dragon: "I haven't mentioned a Big Bang record, I know. You know what it is? It's because I make most of the Big Bang records. [Laughs.] And since they're my records, I think they're all great. [Laughs.] But there's one record I really like. Since I made them, I see a lot of flaws as time passes. Despite all that, this record called ‘Fool’ is a song I like a lot. If you listen to it, there are a lot of flaws I could've fixed. The rap is whatever, and the song's overall flavor is very bland. It's a song I did with the Brave Brothers. And although it's not a perfect record, I kept telling myself, ‘I hope this record does well.’ I feel very attached to that song.” 10.2NE1 “Fire” (2009) Producer: Teddy Park Album: 2NE1 EP G-Dragon: “When [2NE1] were complete newcomers, I was trying to help them out. Whenever I listen to ‘Fire’ and ‘I'm the Best,’ I think of them during those times. They were really giving everything they had to make things work. Everything. There weren't that many hip-hop-driven, Korean club records at the time—at least records that made people want to dance. I wasn't really hitting the clubs during that period, but I think that record has all the right components to be a club banger. Because once the bridge with the ‘eh, eh, eh’ comes on, everyone can imitate the move.” 11.Taeyang “I Need a Girl” (2010) Producer: Jeon Goon Album: Solar G-Dragon: “I think Taeyang developed this image as a dancing singer, mostly because of records like ‘Only Look At Me,’ and ‘Where U At.’ To me, personally, I think Taeyang tried to make a change on ‘I Need a Girl.’ It gets a little mellower. In Korea, a lot of people compared him to Omarion, and even called him ‘Dong-marion’ [a play on Taeyang's real name, Dong Young-bae]. [Laughs.] "He was always going for that style and one day he kind of took off that image and started dancing more smoothly, and sang in a softer tone. I think him working with [choreographer] Shaun Evaristo really had a positive effect on him. I realized how it could work really well even when you soften up your style. So that song ‘I Need a Girl’ really stands out to me. Because I liked it so much, I told Taeyang I wanted to be on it as a guest." 12.CL “The Baddest Female” (2013) Producer: Teddy Park Album: "The Baddest Female" single G-Dragon:“I personally loved the record. I just don't understand why it didn't have the reaction we expected from the Korean audience. Just within the company, the response it received from the public wasn't as huge as we anticipated or wanted. Personally though, I thought the record was really good. I think as a female idol, to carry this identity as a hip-hop artist is something that's still not fully accepted in Korea. But for me it was a really hot track. I even thought about making a male version. I was going to call it, ‘I’m a Bad Muhseuhmae.’” [Ed.­ note—"Muhseuhmae" is slang for "boy" in the regional dialect used in the Chungcheong province of Korea.]