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Yemen is entering a transition period. After a year of bloody protests, a new President reigns and is faced with restructuring and rebuilding the broken country. Yemen is faced with internal conflict, Al Qaeda, a looming famine, and water shortage in addition to rooting out the corruption planted by the former regime. Yet with this work-in-progress I hope to show that the driving force in Yemen is in the beating heart of its people, in the undeniable hope of freedom.—Alex Potter Alex Potter is an emerging photojournalist who has worked primarily in Minneapolis, MN and Yemen. After graduating university with a nursing degree she decided to follow her calling rather than the advice of others and turned to a life in photography. She has been selected as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, shortlisted by the Lucie Foundation Emerging Photographer scholarship, and has been published by Reuters, JO Magazine, Boreal Collective, and a variety of small Midwest features. She is currently in Minneapolis finishing a long term project and hopes to return to Yemen in August.
definitely still dangerous
what is the situation now in Yemen? Heard that it is still dangerous there to travel
I hope it would help you a bit in your reading about politics :)
these are great pictures, thanks man!