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From London to Korea Pt 14

Happy belated Thanksgiving to the American Crew! Yes, I'm late again on this. ANd I didn't do the best on it. But I'm working on the next chapter and it's going to skip a big period of time. I think it's one you're gonna wanna see. Hope this is ok!


Ignoring what Mr. Schmit muttered, I begin making my way through the halls, talking to each teacher I currently have about the situation I’m in. And each one thankfully agreed to stay silent about it. My English teacher even said she was scared for me. But she didn’t say why. Which made me shrug it off and move on. Everyone even said they still have the same expectations of me and won’t take it easier on me, but will allow a few extensions if I need it. I told them I wouldn’t, but they still offered. Man, I have great teachers.
But my classmates were a different thing. I kept getting looks all morning, and I’m starting to wonder if they all think I’m hiding a pregnancy. Damn you Hannah! Now I have to deal with all the stares from my peers, and questions about me gaining weight. Or looking fat. It’s so annoying! Why would they think me, a goody-two shoes, would have time to go out and have sex? Can I just put it down to being high schoolers?
Thankfully the day ended fairly quickly, and Mom picked me up from school. “Hey ma!”
“Hi sweetie! How was school?”
Crap, I don’t think I should tell her. Buckling my seatbelt, I replied, “It went smoothly. All my teachers understood and accepted my situation, and have the same expectations of me. Even though I told them I wouldn’t need it, they still offered me some extensions if I need them.”
“You are doing a lot, baby girl. And I’m glad they get that. Just make sure you use those extensions if you need them? Remember your first year of theater? You were stressed beyond belief.”
Phew, she isn’t catching on yet. “Have you forgotten the director was a little insane? She kept saying school work comes first and work on it in the wings, but then yelled at us for following her instructions.”
“True, true. But don’t you think TS is going to push you the same way?”
“Nope, Jung Nam said company policy is to have a tutor work with trainees for an hour each day until grades are satisfactory. So they’re doing weekly grade checks and aren’t too worried about me. He was even surprised at the high level classes I was taking, saying they’ll be a little more lenient because of the difficulty level.”
“Ok, if you’re sure. I just want to watch you succeed.”
“I know mum, you remind me about once a month.” We’re at a stoplight, so I shove her arm playfully.
“As long as you remember it, I’ll take all the grief you give me.”
“Want me to cook tonight?” I switch the topic from school to prevent her from catching on to all the Hannah drama. “I didn’t really provide myself any opportunities for warm and yummy meals. It was all workout and protein.”
“Sure baby girl! I’m up for it any time you want to cook. Maybe you’ll have to write down some recipes for after you leave so I can still taste your food.”
“As long as I can take some of gramamaw’s recipes. She has the best ones for comfort food. Someone knows I’m gonna need it.”
“Just don’t share any of the secret ingredients, those recipes have been in our family for generations! Maybe you could cook some for your future group, my little leader.”
“I don’t think they’d enjoy any of my American cooking. They’re probably all gonna be Korean and accustomed to the spiciness. My food will fade in comparison.”
“Nonsense. Whichever style you cook in, it will turn out fantastic and they would be crazy not to like it.”
“Ok mom, whatever you say.”
“That’s my girl. Now, do we need to get anything for you to cook?”
“Nope. We have everything at home.”
“Home it is then.”
We get back to the house, and I begin to take close, careful looks at everything. Looking at the green of the lawn, the amount of flowers and bushes lining the house, the size and shape of the roof, the way my cat sits in the window, the smell of the air, and how everything feels different. I start to tear up and get emotional, but I don’t let myself cry. I’ve never been one to shed tears, and now is not about to change that. I’ll save them for later, when I’m about to leave home for what may be the last time.
Hope y'all enjoyed! Love you guys! ~Elayne
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