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SO Master's Sun has been mentioning a children's book call One Stormy Night a lot and well I had no clue about it and if you don't know either don't stress I GOT your back, I couldn't find the story without purchasing it, but I did find the eng sub anime of it. There is a total of 11 clips and each one is about 9 minutes long...enjoy the sad tale of ONE STORMY NIGHT!
me too.. I was a little disappointed with the story though .. I was expectinga love story.. and that someone will die.. hahaha.. am I too mean? lol a wolf and a goat and a love story won't match anyway...lol
Ahhh how cute! :) I hope master sun has a good ending too! ^^
DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANNA BE SPOILED!! i'm finished watching and i am glad that it has a happy ending... they were both outcast when their clan new their friendship.. they decided to run away together... but the wolves were still chasing them.. they were caught in a snow storm and gabu, the wolf looked for shelter.. mei the goat said to gabu that he should live for the both of them and offer himself as food so gabu stays healthy... then gabu decided to go out and said that when he returns he'll pretend that mei is not his friend and eat him.. mei smiled and agreed... outside, gabu saw his pack approaching...there was a fight between gabu and his pack.. then there was a snow avalance and the wolves were buried under the snow.. days/months passed.. then gabu had amnesia and when he caught mei he treats it as just another meat for dinner but when he regains his memory they were glad that they met again and as they watch the full moon , they talked about being together ...( forever)... lol
Okie dokie. Thank you. C:
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