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i get exo-l's are upset about exo not getting best album of the year but other groups work hard too especially my boys! and im not being biased but their album really is a masterpiece imo. i loved it the first time i heard it! im upset they (exo-l's) don't want other groups to get awards. Exo is also talented and i do stan them too but can we accept other groups have talent too. Not all Exo-l's are like this and not all ARMY's are immature. My boys worked really hard and if it gets taken away I really don't know how i'd feel. My opinion. i am both an exo-l and army.
you cant just take the award back wth I mean, not that I don't want exo to win, i like both groups but do they even realize how devastating it will be for them to have to give an award back? That's actually kind of heart breaking to even think about itšŸ˜”
If this is true then Melon fcuked up badly because how on earth do you give a DAESANG AWARD out (every idols dream to recieve one) and then do this!? Both groups are probably feeling flustered. //i just shake my head at Melon//
ok...I too am both army and exo-l. exo has been one of my top groups for a while, but this is ridiculous. it's one award and it should go to whoever deserves it, and apparently bts deserves it. exo will be ok without this award, and do ppl honestly think that they'd be happy receiving the award under these circumstances?
i feel so upset about this.. how can they say this kind of things???! BTS deserve this award because we all know, and other fans know that BTS made history in kpop industry. they achieve something that has never been achieved by anyone yet and for me, that is enough for them to be worth it for this award. if the award will be taken away from BTS, i'm sure this will hurt BTS, not just as an artist but also as a human being. don't be selfish guys. be sensitive enough to understand their feelings. well, i think Melon won't take away the award, because they know that BTS worked hard to achieve this. they worked hard mentally and physically so i hope this issue will be put to rest.
That is so messed up! EXO cannot win every award. BTS sold more albums than EXO. EXO even won Artist of the Year! Thats bigger than Album of the Year! Why can't they just be happy for both groups?? This is just being greedy and selfish!
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