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Hello Monbebe,

I have some important news for the Monsta X Community~ The Monday-Sunday with Monsta X event is coming to an end.
This week will be the last week of this event~ (sorry Minhyuk, don't be mad at me..)

The last day of this event will be on Sunday, November 27th with Sunday Shippings.

BUT you are still not too late if you want to make your cards! If you have not had the chance to look at the events going on for each day, you can see them by clicking HERE :)
I encourage you guys to participate and please do tag the Monsta Mod Team when you do make a card this week.

Unfortunately, this event will come to an end after this week, but do stay in the look out for more upcoming Monsta X events in the future.

Thank you everyone for being so encouraging during this event and participating by making a card or commenting on the cards!

(I see you~ lol)

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving for all those Americans and non-Americans.

Do eat a lot and party a lot !! :D

Right I.M! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Monsta Mod Team:


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