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SO A FEW HOURS AGO, Wale, a popular rapper in the U.S, was tagged in a tweet by a fan of his and a fan of BTS's Namjoon (Rap Monster). She was sharing a cover that Rap Monster did of Wale's song, and he responded with "Collab???!"
Now, this is pretty huge. I don't think people realize JUST HOW BIG this is. This could bring K-Pop or IN THE LEAST, Korean Rap, to the general U.S eye. Spanish is the only other main popular music that isn't English in America.
Here's why i think that this will definitely happen. Even though it's not much and doesn't say much, shortly after Wale asked for a collaboration, they both followed each other. IT'S A PRETTY BIG DEAL. Them following each other COULD MEAN they did it to directly message about a possible collaboration. Either way, listening to the cover, i could see why Wale asked for a collab. NOT ONLY is this beneficial for Wale to recieve much more international fame, but it's also beneficial for BTS as a whole AND K-Pop as a whole. This is a win/win situation for both of them.
Tagging @cherriblossom17 because she/he was who i heard this information from on here first. Giving credit to where credit is due :D let me know if you wanna be un-tagged though!
(All screenshots are mine)