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Hello Royal Family and Carats! The Boys Republic and Seventeen Communities have joined together to celebrate Thanksgiving. We want to show how thankful the members are of each other. We also want to show as fans how thankful we are for our members.
I represent the Vocal Unit, which includes Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK and Seungkwan.
Today we are going to start how thankful Seventeen is for Woozi and Jeonghan.
Seventeen members are grateful for Woozi. He is the main composer and lyrics. He's a very talented composer and producer for the group.
Seventeen members are grateful for Jeonghan. He is the eomma of the group. He is always taking care of his fellow members.
As a fan, I'm also grateful for Woozi. I'm very grateful for his talents as a composer and producer. I'm also grateful for his cutie face.
As a fan, I'm very grateful for Jeonghan. I'm grateful of how he is a caring person. I'm very thankful for Woozi and Jeonghan.