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So fans are asking Chanyeol if he had a second account, due to his photo being in a circle. Which, if you have a second account, happens. Hundreds of fans are going to be looking for his second account, if it exists or ever existed. Considering that the post he posted was a screen shot of a post from a year ago. He commented on his post. If Google translate translated correctly, it says "Come On Guys, ah haha haha haha". Probably in response to all speculation of the second account.

(REVISED... sorry, but I'm a little slow sometimes. The Screenshot is current, so he HAS a second account, or should if he hasn't took it down.)

Frankly.... I would not be surprised if he did. I wouldn't be surprised if they all had a second PRIVATE account.

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One for himself and the members, and one for the public/fans. I just hope it doesn't get hacked like it did for GD awhile ago
So long as the public don't know the name of the private account.