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Hey Monbebes! Today not only is it MCM but it's also our very own MX Cutie Kihyunnies birthday! So in celebration of it being our Kihyun's birthday, today's MCM is dedicated to him, and all his amazingness. I'm sorry Jooheon, but just for today let me fangirl like crazy over Kihyun?
J: My heart... But fine since it's hyung's birthday.
Now...where to begin with the amazingness and absolute greatness of this man? There's just so many things about Kihyun that it's almost physically impossible to not have a crush on him.
First the very obvious: Kihyun looks flawless, perfect, and so very attractive in pink hair.
Second Reason: Kihyun's impeccable vocals. His voice is one of my favorites, not just in Monsta X but in general. Just listening to his voice is definitely a major reason to crush hard on him.
One Word: Smile. That adorable smile.
And... He'd be the perfect boyfriend + ABSOLUTE LOVABLE DORKYNESS AND CHESSYNESS. ❤❤❤
But in all seriousness there's a million and one reasons as to why you could/should love Yoo Kihyun. Happy Birthday to a absolutely amazing and lovable human being. Us Monbebes can't wait to celebrate more birthdays with him. ❤
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