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MCM✨ Thankful Edition💙

Like @AimeBolanos said, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, our MCM's are the guys we are most thankful for! Honestly, that goes for all of my past MCM's. But here are the most recent guys I've been fortunate enough to have watched, laughed, and cried with!!!...and fangirled over✧(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و ✧...

Viktor & Yuri✨ .



Thank you for showing me what real love looks like.

Thank you for proving that every relationship isn't perfect.

Thank you for showing that hard work and perseverance, always pays off.

Thank you for sharing your flaws and insecurities.

Thank you for being the big goobs that you are.

And, thank you for reminding the world that love isn't subjective to a certain race, religion, or gender.


Anime • ❄️Yuri on Ice!❄️ .



So how about it otakus??!! Who is the man crush you're most thankful for??!


Tagging the MOD Crew! (@AimeBolanos, @trustfundkid, @BlackoutZJ, @Tylor619, & me. lol)

i need to watch this!!
10 months ago·Reply
Please do!! You won't regret it😘
10 months ago
omg I need to watch this! where do you watch it?
10 months ago·Reply
I was it on gogoanime! But there's also kissanime & crunchyroll😊
10 months ago
this anime is my newest obsession. episode 10 tho.... *fangirl squeals*
9 months ago·Reply